17 November 2022

Content Intelligence

Learn about the future of content marketing during a creative & technical sessions.


17 November 2022


7 professional Speakers

Semantic SEO, Topical Authority, NLP & NLG

Semantic SEO allows you to increase traffic to your website by creating expertise in a particular topic, called 'topical authority'.

Through NLP analysis you will learn which terms and phrases you have already developed and which need to be added. You will get to know your customers' vocabularies and the possibilities offered by communication based on their intentions.

We've been working on an intelligent model that understands real world entities and their relationships. It's about things, not strings.

Amit Singhal

Head of Search, Google

“Semantic SEO is the holy grail of search engine visibility.”
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Why should I attend?

If your challenge is to increase organic traffic and sales, you have your own business or you make money from affiliate networks - this conference is for you.
We will discuss these challenges during the conference.

Topical authority

Topical authority is a set of characteristics that define whether a web domain has expertise in a particular subject. Creating TA can be compared to writing a book. Both structure, internal links and content are important.

User Intent

User intent is the most important factor determining the search engine response and the type of content in this response. You will learn how to plan content according to specific intent, based on funnel stage.

Information Architecture

Information architecture defines to a large extent the authority of a website. The absence of certain pages can block a domain from appearing in searches. You will learn how to check if your implementation is correct.

Entities and NLP

Entions in NLP play the role of information elements on which language models are based. The bigger the model, the better it understands our language and its nuances. Find out how to plan your content so that search engines understand perfectly what you are writing about. This will give you a long-term advantage.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a key element. Understanding what a potential customer needs, how our offering meets those needs, and what channels they are looking for information on gives you the opportunity to be an effective sales force.

Content Analytics

Content performance is an often overlooked, yet extremely important element in a marketing plan. Without understanding how to measure content performance, we don't know how to budget for the costs associated with content creation and promotion. See how to do it effectively.

Speakers at Contference

CONTFERENCE is a dose of knowledge and inspiration from the best experts.

Andy Crestodina
Semantics in CM
Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR
Python, NLP and SEO
Greg Bernhardt
Internal linking
Pawel Pawluk
Semantic hubs
Massimiliano Geraci
Entity SEO
Ferdinand Mehlinger
Semantic Silos
Pawel Sokolowski
How Google works

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Conference Schedule

We are very excited about #semanticSEO agenda and giveaway.

You can win free 1-year CONTADU "Freelance" account.
During the event we will select one person from the audience and give them access to a 1-year account on CONTADU.

Event Topics
Opening: "Life of a query"
How Google analyses query, including the semantic level.
09:00 | PST Los Angeles
18:00 | CET Paris
Pawel Sokolowski

Content hubs in practice
How to build websites with topical authority in mind.
10:00 | PST Los Angeles
19:00 | CET Paris
Pawel Pawluk

Semantical SEO
Lexical & Query Semantics Differences for Information Retrieval
11:00 | PST Los Angeles
20:00 | CET Paris
Koray Tugberk Gubur
Holistic SEO

Semantics in Content Marketing
12:00 | PST Los Angeles
21:00 | CET Paris
Andy Crestodina
Orbit Media

Search intent
13:00 | PST Los Angeles
22:00 | CET Paris
Greg Bernhardt

Entity SEO
NLP for entity-based and semantic SEO
14:00 | PST Los Angeles
23:00 | CET Paris
Massimiliano Geraci
Studio Makoto

Semantic Silos
Semantic Silos in e-commerce
15:00 | PST Los Angeles
00:00 | CET Paris
Ferdinand Mehlinger
Bluoo Digital 

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17 November 2022

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CONTADU is a Content Intelligence platform to increase traffic from search engines by planning and optimising content based on semantics and behavioural science.


The conference is organized by the CONTADU team. While we have quite a bit of experience in SEO and big-data based tool development, this conference is our 1st event of this scale.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you tips on how to apply the knowledge you have acquired.

Contadu Team

Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions for you.

Are you interested in content marketing? If you plan content, optimize articles or sell product descriptions, we have a common goal: we want to do it more efficiently. Spend less time planning, create more interesting content, and increase conversions.

A few years ago, while advising large teams, we noticed that they were struggling with an overabundance of content, often of low quality. The return on investment these companies were spending on "content factories" was hard to measure, and the planning itself was based on quantitative factors.

We are trying to educate companies on this issue and move with them from content overproduction ("because the competition is doing it") to solutions based on analytical data and ROI.

The goal of this conference is to show how you can effectively, with smaller budgets, get better results from content marketing.
Full day with topics related to: The Future of Content Marketing & AI-based solutions.

The program spans several areas related to content strategy, including:

~ Research, analysis, and strategy
~ Content design and UX writing
~ Analytics and performance
~ Accessibility and inclusivity
~ Contents ops and governance
~ Teams and leadership
Freelancers, small and medium business owners, e-commerce or digital marketers in large corporations, especially:

~ Content strategists
~ Content designers
~ UX writers
~ Content engineers
~ Content marketers
~ Writers and editors
~ Technical communicators
~ Content managers
The event is FREE, but has a limited number of attendees.
If you would like to get access to video recordings, please invest in Standard ($9) pass.
Yes we do.
If you would like to get access to video recordings, please invest in Standard ($9) pass.
If you need more than 5 tickets please contact us, we will book a slot for you company.

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